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Beyond Obedience 

Canine Behavior Professional providing 

customized in-home training using safe, scientificand humane approaches for teaching and modifying dog behaviors.


The services of a canine behavior consultant go beyond that of a basic dog trainer.  We take a scientific approach to understanding the causes, functions, development and evolution of canine behavior.  Further, we conduct in-depth evaluations of a pet’s history, environmental factors and specific triggers to develop a treatment plan. In the comfort of your own home, we will teach you how your dog views the world, show you how to humanely train your dog and demonstrate new ways to effectively handle problem behaviors.







"Kirstin is amazing, wonderful, compassionate and is a wise animal behaviorist. I highly recommend her services to anyone who needs a little (or a lot) of help with their dogs.

- Joy S. and Lisa M.

Since my wife and I are both in the veterinary business we have a lot of experience in reading dog body language and handling aggressive pets, but we found your expertise invaluable in dealing with our own pet! The Fox Valley and it's pets are fortunate to have a professional with your education and background!

- Dan Shepherd, DVM

Fox River Animal Hospital

"We have never been so happy! Our Golden Retriever is the most well-rounded little guy thanks to Beyond Obedience and their guidance!

- Jill and Nick W.


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