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Image by Herbert Goetsch

"Over the years dogs have become more than just protectors and workers, they have become part of the family unit. The relationship between owners and their dogs is unlike any other and that bond can be adversely affected by behavioral issues. As a veterinarian, I receive daily inquires about behavioral concerns. Unfortunately, time is not always available to dedicate to the education and hands-on training required for behavior modification. I highly recommend Beyond Obedience, LLC to my clients that want to improve their relationship with their dog. Kirstin is extremely knowledgeable, articulate and spends the time needed to educate owners in behavior modification. I also recommend early training and behavior work with young dogs to avoid future problems. Dogs want to learn and Kirstin gives the owners the tools to help them!"

                                                                                            - Dr. Erin Lowe, DVM


"We were terrified that Tiller was going to bite someone or one of us because of his food aggression. Now we feel like we have it under control and while still having to remember that it will always be a part of him, we don't feel like we have to walk on egg shells anymore. The idea that meal time doesn't have to be a major trying task anymore is a sigh of relief! Thank you so much for helping us recreate the Tiller we know and love!" 

- Jess and Ryan Schaetz

"Hi. I'm Brody the Yellow Lab! I want to give a huge "Thank You" to Kirstin for being a life saver to my parents and I. I used to panic when my parents left me alone. The vet put me on medicine to make me feel better, but I just kept feeling worse. I've torn down living room curtains, blinds in a bathroom, and have scratched my way through a door in an attempt to see where my Mom and Dad went. After these incidences my Mom and Dad thought I should be kept in a plastic crate but I would bark and pant until they got home. I even broke 3 of my teeth in an effort to get the wire door to open. I was a mess!

Mrs. Kirstin was referred to my Mom by 3 different people. Everyone had good things to say about her. Mom called her and was really impressed with how friendly she seemed and how knowledgeable she was about animal behavior. She was also really impressed with her educational background and experience with animals. Kirstin came over and my family all agreed that we loved her!

Kirstin determined that I didn't have separation anxiety after all, but that I had a lack of exercise and hated begin confined in small spaces. She also talked about how to help me through my days alone. Mom and Dad slowly started letting me out of my crate and I impressed them! My parents are thrilled that they don't have to worry about me hurting myself or the house while they are away now!

Thank you, Kirstin!"

- Brody (Jennifer and Geoff F. too!)

"Breeding well-socialized, loving puppies is our goal here at Strike Golden! We met Kirstin through a client and were immediately taken by her warm personality. She interacted with our puppies on several occasions and offered tips on how to mold them for their new homes. Kirstin was very professional and knowledgeable. She had a sincere love and desire to see the best outcomes for our pups and their future parents. 

Kirstin evaluated one dog that we were worried about. She seemed to want little to do with her litter-mates and was quite independent. We knew that the pup would be going to a home with 3 other dogs. Kirstin worked with us and provided advice on socializing her in special ways. The pup now sits, shakes, goes to a down and rolls over at only 8 weeks of age. Her new parents appreciated the fact that we'd contacted Kirstin and got information to help mold their new family member into a brilliant pup. We will continue to use Kirstin's services in the future!"

                                                                                                                                                                      - Teresa Deslauriers -



"I contacted Kirstin at Beyond Obedience to help me eradicate some of my puppy's 'less than desirable' behaviors. Charlie is sweet and loving but tended to get too rambunctious when he was playing. I have learned better ways to redirect his energy. Kirstin taught me how to enforce the "leave it" command while I swept the floor as well. Now that Charlie understands what is expected of him, we have more peaceful evenings at home!"

- Cheryl

"When I first contacted Kirstin, our main objective was to get my husband and I on the same page when it came to training our puppy, Bailey. we met with Kirstin just 3 times and we learn a ton! We learned how important consistency between the two of us really was. Kirstin really knows her stuff and made it easy and fun for us to learn! Bailey knows her as the "treat lady" and he really likes her too!"

- Mary &Joe


Initial steps involve preparing a roadmap and educating the humans first!  Find more information here.

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