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Behavior Consultations


Our services are designed with you and your pet in mind.  We believe in teaching and coaching you as much as your dog. Understanding your dog enables you to intervene when needed and to prevent issues too! But - we also know time is valuable and sometimes scarce. That's why we offer custom-tailored training options, in the comfort of your own home, when its convenient for your schedule. 

Services We Offer:

We Do NOT offer:

  • In-Board Training

  • Group Obedience Classes

  • Service or Therapy Dog Training

  • Services for Serious Separation Anxiety (we choose to refer these out)


Examples of Behaviors Addressed:

  • Foundational training (sit, stay, come, leave it, place, etc.)

  • House training 

  • Crate/confinement training

  • Marking issues

  • Loose leash walking

  • Jumping, barking, mouthing, attention-seeking behaviors

  • Destructive behaviors

  • Lunging/ barking on leash

  • Escape issues/containment strategies

  • Counter surfing, food stealing and garbage raiding

  • Handling, touch sensitivities, grooming issues

  • Door training/polite greetings

  • Anxiety 

  • Compulsive behaviors

  • Aggression/reactivity towards other dogs

  • Resource guarding/possessiveness (towards toys, food, people & locations)

  • Aggression towards people

  • Fearfulness/shyness

  • Acclimation to a new home

  • Growling/snapping/nipping

  • Children/dog dynamics

  • Dog/cat dynamics


Step 1 -

An Initial Evaluation - via Virtual (Zoom) Consultation

Have you encountered a specific behavior problem with your dog that is disrupting your household? Are you looking for the knowledge and tools to modify or extinguish the behavior? We train you how to handle or manage a variety of undesirable behaviors (see above)!

Many canine behaviors can be successfully addressed without us physically in your living room. After all, teaching YOU (the human client), comes first! Our background and experience has taught us that dog behaviors follow typical patterns and thus, we don’t need to directly witness or reproduce them to assist you. Our history taking, direct questioning and gathering of feedback are enough to assess, improve and even resolve many issues. Virtual consults  are convenient and effective . We can also utilize the virtual approach to reach anyone, anywhere!


If we believe your case is not appropriate for this platform, we will recommend an in-person initial consultation (see below).


  • SAVINGS Eliminating the need for commuting and lengthy reporting - allows us to offer virtual consults at a reduced rate.E

  • EFFICIENCY Schedule a meeting with us between meetings or on your lunch break! 

  • NO STRESS You and your dog can learn without the pressure of a guest present in the environment.

  • RAIN OR SHINE No need to rely on good weather, driving conditions or daylight impacting your appointment time.

  • ARCHIVE THE SESSION Receive a recording of the session to download for future reference.

  • GERMS? It's possible to meet even if there are concerns of illness.


Initial Virtual Consultation: $250  (1.5 - 2 hours) - submitted via website

Here's How it Works

  • Contact us with a brief description of the case and to determine appointment date/time options available.

  • Complete the Intake Form (click here).

  • Submit payment via "make a payment" button on the bottom of the homepage (click here).

  • Wait to receive confirmation and your Zoom invite via email.

  • Login to Zoom via the emailed link at your scheduled date/time.

  • Afterwards – we’ll forward a recording of our meeting for your reference as well as any pertinent handouts.

In-Person Initial Consultations (rare, necessity determined by Beyond Obedience):

  • Included: 1.5-2 hour in-home session for observation of dog's behavior and environment  

  • Discussion and initial demonstration of techniques for behavior modification and management

  • Typed summary report and supplemental materials - also sent to your vet upon request

  • Includes up to 15 miles of travel from Appleton, WI office, each additional mile will incur a $2/mile round trip fee


Pricing Difference:

Daytime, weekday session (session starting between 9am - 4pm): $300

Evening/Weekend session (sessions starting after 4pm weekdays or Saturday/Sunday): $350

Step 2 -

Virtual or In-Person Follow-up Consultation(s)

These sessions are designed to build upon, target and reinforce the skills started in the initial consultation. They are generally more hands-on!

Follow-Up Consultation Benefits and Policy

  • 1 hour session

  • Discussion and/or demonstration of techniques for behavior modification and management

  • Typed summary report and supplemental materials - also sent to your vet upon request​​

  • Includes up to 15 miles of travel from Appleton, WI office, each additional mile will incur a $2/mile round trip fee

*Although there are generally no quick fixes in behavior, improvement can usually be seen with hard work and commitment to the multi-appointment process. Simpler cases may not require follow-ups whereas more complicated cases, benefit from a series of sessions. On average, cases generally require 3-4 follow-up appointments. 

Pricing/Package Rates

Virtual Follow-up Consultation: $125/ea. (1 hour), payment submitted on website



In-Person Follow-up Consultation: paid at the time of service, via cash/check or credit card and as follows:

Early Planning & Prep


Planning for a New Pet

Before bringing a dog into your family, it's important to consider many factors. Is a dog right for you? Which breed fits your lifestyle? Have you considered all the factors involved in owning a dog? Do you have realistic expectations for the dog you’d like to bring home? Where should you obtain your new pet from? How can you prepare for the new addition?  Let us help you pick the right dog to fit your lifestyle, energy level and personality.

Preparing Your Current Dog for a New Baby or New Pet

Expanding your family? Want the transition to be smooth and trouble-free for you and your current dog? What about preparing your pet for a new baby? Learn how to make a positive and successful adjustment for all members of the family.


Consultation Includes

  • Preparation for our meeting

  • 1.5-2 hour session

  • Discussion and/or demonstration of techniques or methods suggested

  • Recording link or typed summary report and supplemental materials

  • For in-person - Includes up to 15 miles of travel from Appleton, WI office, each additional mile will incur a $2/mile round trip fee



Virtual Approach: $250


In-person Approach:

Daytime, weekday session (session starts between 9am - 4pm): $300

Evening/Weekend session (session starts after 4pm weekdays or Saturday/Sunday): $350

Day Training

DAY SCHOOL (best for puppies)

Does your pup need extra guidance with basic skills like: sit, down, stay, off, leave it, drop it, place, watch me, etc.? If so, consider our Day School program. Our in-home day training program provides a fast, convenient path to a well-mannered dog. We will customize a plan to meet your goals and your dog’s specific needs. Work is focused between the trainer and the dog - so you don't need to even be home (except for the debrief session). We will debrief you once work is accomplished.

Program Includes

  • 1 hour meet-and-greet virtual session to determine your priorities and design a custom in-home day training plan to meet your needs.

  • 3-5 (45-60 min) in-home sessions with your dog. You are welcome to be home, but many times these sessions occur while owners are at work. Leave a key or code to keypad for trainer's access.

  • 1 hour debrief to review all of the skills your dog has learned and teach you how to maintain the skills. 

  • Handouts may be offered based on skills covered.


Daytime ONLY - all packages include meet-and-greet and debriefing                 

(3) 45-60 minute sessions with trainer and dog $525     

(4) 45-60 minute sessions with trainer and dog $625     

(5) 45-60 minute sessions with trainer and dog $725


**Please note, this program is not appropriate for behavior problems. This service is also only offered Monday-Friday, 9am-4pm (Daytime) and is also limited to clients within a 15 mile radius of our Appleton, WI office.


Terms of Service

  • Packages are non-refundable and cannot be honored indefinitely. Pre-paid packages EXPIRE after remaining inactive for 3 MONTHS. Please see more in the FAQs section on this. 

  • Appointments includes travel within a 15 mile radius of our Appleton, WI office. Consults further than that radius will incur a $2/per mile round trip fee.

How to Make the Most of Your Time With Us

  • Be prepared to participate in the learning process. Many behavior issues with our dogs are influenced by human behavior.

  • Minimize distractions (tv, phone, young children etc.) for the duration of your appointment.

  • Be flexible. Understand that when working with another species, things don’t always go as planned. Some dogs learn more slowly than others, some cases are more involved than others and thus may require multiple appointments.

  • You will need high value (often people food like: chicken, ham, cheese etc.) treats available for our work with your dog! Due to diet concerns for some dogs, we ask that clients supply these for training.

  • Having your dog well-exercised prior to our work helps with focus and learning!


Initial steps involve preparing a roadmap and educating the humans first!  Find more information here.

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